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Merino wool blanket "Almond"

Merino wool blanket "Almond"

100% extra fine merino wool. Very soft and delicate touch.

The plaid features elegant color tones on both sides, one side lighter and the other darker, creating the perfect two-sided product. Plaid has a subtle texture that gives it a unique and timeless look, making it a great interior detail that will give your beds and sofas a unique touch.

Extrafine merino wool is one of the finest wools in the world. This is a fantastic gift for a loved one, mom, dad, sister, brother or someone close to you.

Perfect for livening up your home or on the go. This wool has a very fine fiber and its main properties are softness, thermoregulation and excellent ability to absorb moisture. Wool is a unique fabric that has a special ability to "clean", so we suggest airing it in fresh air more often. Soft merino sheep wool has exceptional properties - it warms in winter and cools in summer.

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130*180 cm


100% extra fine merino wool. Very soft and delicate touch.


- Dry clean only (or hand wash at 30° only).
- Do not bleach with chlorine.
- Can't be compared.

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