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Ms Rose's Stories

Home fragrance "Court Roses"

Home fragrance "Court Roses"

An elegant and fragrant bouquet of roses will fit perfectly in any style of home or work space. This fragrant interior detail will not only spread the selected aroma, but also decorate your home or office, giving a feeling of subtle luxury and completeness.

🎁 An additional 3ml spray bottle of perfume is added to the decoration.

"Ms. Rose's Stories" - it's a play of colors, flowers and aromas for the comfort of your home...

Exclusive Ms. Rose's Stories feature is the high quality of the handmade product.

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Composition height 15 cm (possible error +- 1 cm)


Materials - cotton, elastane, polyester, home fragrances and other decor details


When the smell has weakened, we suggest purchasing 10 ml. sprayable fragrance supplement
(A 3ml spray bottle is included with every order).
For a more intense scent, spray the scent supplement on a cushion or ring.🌹

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About smells

Each Ms. Rose's stories is unique, and the fragrance collection is made so that everyone can find their favorite scent. If you don't have your favorite scent yet, we invite you to take a look at the scent descriptions ❤️

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